LENOVO S20 Fullset 2nd Masih GARANSI

Jual Notebook LENOVO S20 Bekas Fullset di Malang
Spesifikasi dan Harga:



Proc. Intel N2840 2,16GHz (Haswell)
Layar LED 11,6″, VGA INTEL HD Graphics
Memory Ram 2 GB DDR3, HDD 500 GB
Wifi – Webcam – CR – HDMI – USB 3.0
KondisiNormal Semua 100%, LIKEW NEW
Windows 8, Second Masih GARANSI Panjang
FULLSET: Dusbook + Kitab2 + Adaptor Orignl

Harga : Rp. 2.xx0.000,- ( LAKU )
CP: 085102387654 – 081230922750
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One Response to “LENOVO S20 Fullset 2nd Masih GARANSI”

  1. Anu says:

    If you are looking for the ultra small form faotcr of a Netbook but would prefer not to have the ultra slow performance then the x100e is a choice you should consider. This is a true ThinkPad, complete with a fullsize keyboard and 1 yr return to depot warranty, not 90days like most consumer laptops. This model also includes a 3G WWAN card internally so if you were looking to get wirelss carrier access from AT&T you never have to search for a hotspot again, this gets you wireless access anywhere you have cell phone coverage. It also includes traditional WiFI 802.11 for wireless access at home or when you have a hotspot. The Athlon NEO MV-40 processor is more than adequate for everyday computing and then some. It also comes complete with a generous 250gb HD and 2gb of RAM not to mention WIN7 Professional. You do sacrifice an optical drive for ultra slim but if you were looking in the Netbook category these do not include an optical drive either. All in all a lot of Notebook at a reasonable price. The 35082AU nomally lists for $649 because of the GOBI 3G wireless. This add has the wrong MSRP listed so the discount is substantial. These won’t be around for long at this price once this is discovered.

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